Who we are ?

An integrated approach to wealth management

Bringing together under one roof a host of expertise and experience makes all the difference in terms of results.

The Westmount Financial Centre is an independent boutique firm that specializes in wealth management and is affiliated with SFL, a Canada-wide network partner of Desjardins Financial Security.

Drawing on the firm’s values – including integrity and loyalty –, our advisors are experienced professionals who combine passion and competence for their clients’ success. The many awards and honours that the industry issues us each year speak of their commitment and performance.

Since wealth management involves issues other than those connected with investments and returns, we have developed a number of strategic alliances with leading specialists, particularly in law, taxation and accounting. Their additional expertise enables you to benefit from a complete view and customized solutions that convert goals, plans and dreams into reality.

Whether you are an individual, a self-employed person or a business leader, we support you in creating, managing and enjoying your wealth by taking an integrated approach that includes:
  • Asset management, with customized investment solutions, designed to increase your assets in complete security;
  • Financial planning and retirement planning, including disbursements, to enable you to reach your financial goals and enjoy life as you intend to;
  • Insurance to protect you, your loved ones and your business in the event of an unforeseen situation.
  • Estate planning to anticipate the transfer to your loved ones, simplify the procedures and optimize the tax impact.

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