Values and principles

Trust above all

Ultimately, we are here to help people reach their potential. It’s a wonderful, stimulating profession that is fundamentally human.

Our mission

The Westmount Financial Centre seeks to help its advisors carry out their business plans and their clients’ financial plans. Every day, we combine professional innovation and personal achievement to assist, guide and support those who put their trust in us to succeed.

Our vision

The Westmount Financial Centre positions itself as:

  • A rapidly growing leader that has adopted the highest industry standards in terms of service, ethics and solutions for meeting the needs of the most demanding clients;
  • A benchmark for advisors looking for high-performing business development strategies;
  • An inspiring model that focuses on unifying values for establishing long-term relationships and a strong sense of belonging;
  • A generator of professional success, personal well-being and collective progress.

Our values

  • The client - The client is our raison d’être. To meet their needs and expectations, we create integrated, customized and progressive solutions, always taking an overall approach.
  • Integrity and loyalty - Trust and integrity are central to all our business relationships. With our employees, advisors and partners, we encourage and demand mutual respect and reciprocal loyalty.
  • Entrepreneurship - We consider the entrepreneurial spirit to be the basis for success, and we are committed to supporting our advisors in developing their client base.
  • Professionalism and competence - From rigorous recruiting to support services, including continuing education, the firm makes every effort to have its advisors be able to stand apart through their level of expertise, competence and professionalism.

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